Pete and the Pirates


I agree with Pete Waterman on this. What’s more, I would argue that all musicians have a vested interest in agreeing with him too. He is quite right to be angry about the mass kleptomania that is putting artists, producers and managers out of pocket.

Just look at Krishnan Guru Murthy’s smug face as he interviews the former Hit Factory boss. He, like the viewers who have commented below, seems almost giddy about the idea of Pete Waterman losing money.

Small victory.

The amazing thing about the comments section in this video is the lack of concern for artists. The consumers who are attacking Pete Waterman seem completely self-involved. Do they think it’s only about them? There is not one comment is support of the artists who make the music.

No doubt the commenters would make the point that artists were also harmed by the unscrupulous music industry in the past. My answer is this: if artists thought the industry needed to change, they should have worked to reform it, rather than embrace something that was to destroy it completely. If I had to choose between a system that was admittedly imperfect but workable, and one that decimated an entire culture, I know which one I would choose.

Artists and musicians should side with Pete Waterman on this because things have moved on from the old “mainstream versus alternative” debate in the 1990s. That old dichotomy was a luxury that we can no longer afford. The new dichotomy is not about alternative versus mainstream. It is about Culture versus no Culture. Order versus anarchy. It is about the value of music, and by extension, all cultural output.

VG 1/4/14


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