Liberation becomes Oppression


Picture of the back of a 1 Euro coin. Does it remind you of anything?

I was going to right a blog about the EU. I was going to explore how the EU’s pursuit of “freedom” results in the opposite for the peoples of Europe. Liberation becomes oppression. But every time I tried to write it, it became clear that the issue is so vast, it cannot be contained in one blog. You need to write a book to explore this labrinthine organisation. Then I noticed this charming eagle on the back of a 1 Euro coin, and it seemed to symbolise everything I was trying to say.

Like Bond villains, the Commissioners of the EU cannot resist revealing their true colours, and this eagle design is a great example of that. After all the effort they have gone to removing all trace of totalitarianism from the imagery surrounding the EU, to put a dubious-looking eagle on the back of the €1 coin seems a bit counter-productive. But it does give us a powerful symbol of what the EU is all about. Images are powerful, and this one is a dead giveaway. I could talk about Europol, the European Police Force, the plans for a European Army and European Foreign Policy. But do I need to say anything at all? The image speaks for itself.


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