The first thing that goes through your mind is “This is shocking, and people should know about it.” Then you think, “but what will people think of me for posting this? Will I be accused of being right-wing.  No-one wants that.” You have to weigh up the potential damage to your reputation and unfortunately the fear usually wins.

It’s an urgent post. It’s something people need to know about. And yet I’m reluctant to post this because Am I a coward? Or is it simply sensible to keep this kind of content at arm’s length? Perhaps both.

There are definitely problems with this video, i.e. the way Tommy Robinson refers to the culprits as Syrian Refugees. But at the end of the day a grave injustice has taken place, and as Tommy points out, the community has been left to fend for itself. No doubt outlets like this want to stoke hatred because it gets views. As is made clear in the video, this story is not being covered by any of the mainstream media channels.  Until that changes, stories like this will only be picked up by the less savoury youtube channels.

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